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  • 13 Jun 2022
    Ian Tattersall, Rob DeSalle

    Some Common Misunderstandings About Biology and Race

    In this blog, extracted from Understanding Race, authors Ian Tattersall and Rob DeSalle address some of the major misconceptions about race.

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  • 16 Dec 2019
    Cathy Willermet, Sang-Hee Lee

    Make Strange Familiar Evidence

    In this book, Cathy Willermet and Sang-Hee Lee reflect that the “steadfast obsession with the scientific approach that characterized biological anthropology, like no other subfield in American anthropology, is in fact a response to mask the dark history surrounding its birth”.

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  • 2 Apr 2014
    Graeme Finlay

    Unraveling the Mysteries of Clones and Evolution

    Graeme Finlay, the author of Human Evolution: Genes, Genealogies and Phylogenies, describes the complex ways in which cells—and thus entire species—are related to one another.

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