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  • 6 Nov 2017
    Marie Skłodowskiej-Curie statuue at Warsaw
    Athena Coustenis, Thérèse Encrenaz

    The Struggle for Equality, Recognition and Reward

    Marie Curie at 150 – Celebrating Women in STEM Pierre insisted that her name be added About a century ago, Marie Sklodowska-Curie, in spite of her outstanding work and discoveries which led to two Nobel prizes (Physics and Chemistry), had to struggle for recognition within the French scientific community, mostly dominated by male physicists. At […]

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  • 4 Nov 2017
    Samantha Evans

    Thereza Story-Maskelyne 1834–1926

    Marie Curie at 150 – Celebrating Women in STEM The enigmatic female figure on the cover of Darwin and Women, pointing a telescope at a murky sea, is Thereza Dillwyn Llewelyn, the daughter of the Welsh photographic pioneer John Dillwyn Llewelyn and his wife Emma, also a photographer. Thereza herself experimented with photographic techniques. The […]

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  • 3 Nov 2017
    Marie Curie in 1921
    Marta García-Matos

    Pictures of her

    Marie Curie at 150 – Celebrating Women in STEM “Am I a logician? A writer? A mother? A woman?” While finding my way to the Centre for the History of Science at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, I was considering this as an opening line for a text on my experiences as a woman in […]

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  • 3 Nov 2017
    Marie Curie pictured as the only femail present at the Slovay Conference on Quantum Mechanics 1927
    Caterina A. M. La Porta

    How Marie Curie Taught Me to Persevere

    Marie Curie at 150 – Celebrating Women in STEM. I am a devoted scientist, a professor in STEM, particularly in biomedicine, and I also juggle my private life in parallel with my scientific career. I have two daughters, I have divorced from my first husband – a physicist – and remarried with another physicist with […]

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  • 2 Nov 2017
    By "Wide World Photos" and "Underwood and Underwood, New York" [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
    Bonnie J. Buratti

    My history with Madame Curie

    Bonnie J. Buratti author of Worlds Fantastic, Worlds Familiar: A Guided Tour of the Solar System is a Senior Research Scientist and Project Scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology. Here Bonnie Buratti recounts her personal history with the legacy of the 2 time Nobel winner.

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  • 1 Nov 2017
    Photograph of Marie Curie. From ACJC-Curie and Joliot-Curie fund, with permission.

    Marie Curie at 150: ‘Natural Radioactivity’

    November 7th 2017 is the 150th anniversary of the birth of Marie Sklodowska Curie (1867 – 1934), the only woman to ever be awarded two Nobel prizes. Here we reproduce Chapter 4 from Out of the Shadows: Contributions of Twentieth-Century Women to Physics, 2006 Marie Curie (1867 – 1934)’ by author Abraham Pais.

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