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  • 13 Dec 2019
    Warren Chernaik

    Milton and the Burden of Freedom

    What I’ve found in teaching Milton is that an author, whom students at first think of as inaccessible, because his poems are full of Biblical and classical references, familiar to his initial readers but much less so today, turns out unexpectedly to be imaginatively and intellectually stimulating, a pleasure to read and to talk about. […]

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  • 24 May 2019
    Courtesy of mouli choudari | Flickr
    Peter Remien

    Writing the Economy of Nature

    The concepts of ecology and political economy did not exist in the seventeenth century. Political economy would not formally develop until the eighteenth century when writers like Adam Smith, Thomas Malthus, and David Ricardo came to theorize the set of ideas that we now recognize as belonging to “the economy.” Likewise, ecology wasn’t identified as […]

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  • 5 Dec 2014
    Early astronomical chart
    Dennis Danielson

    Paradise Lost and “another Planet”

    Dennis Danielson, author of Paradise Lost and the Cosmological Revolution takes a look at the effect of astronomical discovery on the writings of John Milton.

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