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  • 13 Jun 2022
    Will Kaufman

    Why American Song and Struggle? And Why Begin with Columbus?

    I’ve made my name mostly as a Woody Guthrie scholar. Around the time of the Guthrie centenary in 2012, I became increasingly aware of references to Guthrie as ‘the father of American protest music’ and ‘the first singer-songwriter’ etc. That implied something that Woody himself would surely have denied: that he hadn’t an extensive inherited […]

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  • 6 May 2022
    John Ernest

    Everybody’s Talkin’

    Everybody’s talking about race, but not many seem to know what it is, or where it came from. That’s understandable, for there’s not a single story of the history of race to be written. How concepts of race were developed, and what they came to over time, is different for different global regions and different […]

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  • 21 Oct 2016
    Damon Mayrl

    Secular Conversions: The Importance of Thinking Institutionally about Secularization

    Damon Mayrl explores the importance of thinking institutionally about secularization in modern societies.

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  • 2 Aug 2016
    Language and the Law Linguistic Inequality in America
    Douglas A. Kibbee

    The Invisible Wall : Language

    Cambridge author Douglas A. Kibbee explores the language of democracy in relation to his new book Language and the Law: Linguistic Inequality in America .

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  • 2 Jul 2009

    Happy 4th of July!

    To all the American readers out there, Happy 4th of July! Have a great weekend, don’t blow up anything important, and we’ll have more updates on Monday. -Cambridge U.S.A.

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  • 18 Jun 2008

    Where does the US hedge its bets in Asia?

    Historically, it’s been Japan. William Overholt of the RAND Corporation argues that the US stabilized Asia very effectively by developing and allying with Japan post World War II. But is Japan still the safest bet? On this, he is doubtful. Read Observing Japan‘s excellent review of Asia, America, and the Transformation of Geopolitics. * * […]

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