Glasgow and Beyond: Organizational Response to Climate Change

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  • 22 Nov 2021
    Jen Allan

    The New Climate Activism: What role for health NGOs?

    Climate change touches many aspects of our lives. For those on the margins of society, the impacts of climate change are particularly acute. Women, the poor, and racialized communities suffer disproportionately from extreme weather events, droughts, and other effects of a destabilizing climate. Climate change is now a bedrock issue, underpinning the health and resilience […]

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  • 8 Nov 2021
    Julian Caldecott

    Surviving climate chaos at CoP 26 and the demonstrations outside

    Truths are emerging though the CoP 26 talks, pledges, alliances, and efforts to align private capital with public interests, while governments try to reassure a scared and outraged public.

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  • 26 Oct 2021
    Joanna Depledge

    Keeping expectations realistic for COP26 in Glasgow

    There are great expectations by governments, businesses, and civil society for the forthcoming Glasgow Climate Conference, or COP 26, as it’s known in the jargon. US Secretary of State John Kerry has labelled it “the last best hope for the world”, words echoed by UK COP President Designate, Alok Sharma. Similar hyperbole is peppered liberally […]

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  • 22 Oct 2021
    Abby Kinchy, Jessica Lehman

    Decarbonization is a Household Issue in Extractive Communities

    At COP26, nations will be pressured to commit more funds for climate change adaptation and resilience – to the tune of billions of dollars each year. Yet how adaptation and resilience are enacted at the community level is complicated, and relies heavily on local organisations, such as city planners and disaster response managers. In communities […]

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  • 21 Oct 2021
    Nives Dolsak, Aseem Prakash

    How Would the World Deliver $100 Billion in Climate Aid?

    In a recent New York Times opinion piece, Larry Fink, the Chairman and CEO of the $10 trillion financial giant, BlackRock, and an outspoken advocate for ESG investment, argues that rich countries (OECD + China, as per Fink’s classification) should annually provide $100 billion in climate mitigation aid to developing countries. He assesses that to […]

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  • 21 Oct 2021
    Patrick Bayer, Federica Genovese

    Domestic Politics at the Root: Obstacles and Opportunities at the Glasgow COP

    With COP less than two weeks away, one may wonder what the 26th round of the United Nations annual climate talks has in store. Media outlets from around the world, advocacy groups, and NGOs have come down hard on climate diplomats to have a renewed sense of urgency. The IPCC’s latest Assessment Report on the […]

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  • 14 Oct 2021
    Mokbul Ahmad, Jahan Chowdhury

    Supply Chain Disruption: Risks and Opportunities for A Net Zero Transition

    A consortium of over 160 firms, with net assets of more than USD70 trillion, are now members of the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ), a COP26 initiative set up under the leadership of former Bank of England Governor Mark Carney. GFANZ aims to unlock the trillions of dollars needed to achieve a resilient, […]

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  • 8 Oct 2021
    Nina Hall

    Climate Activism at Glasgow: Does the rise of digitally distributed activism challenge traditional climate NGOs?

    The climate movement has long been divided over how to campaign, and who to target, in their activism. This is because climate change is a diffuse, and complex problem that involves all levels of governance: city, local, national, regional and international as well as business. Nevertheless, the UNFCCC has traditionally given climate activists a common […]

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