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    Brave New World: Political Philosophy and AI

    “I know a person when I talk to it.” With these words Google engineer Blake Lemoine made headlines in June 2022, thinking that a Google chatbot had become sentient. Google did not appreciate these...

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    Spies, Writers, and the Cold War in Latin America

    What was the impact of surveillance on writers? If a writer is under surveillance by secret police agents, and he or she knows it, does that change what he or she wrote? Would the literature be a reply,...

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    On COVID-19 Surveillance

    As cities, counties and states begin to relax social distancing guidelines, it is important for local and state public health organizations to conduct rigorous disease surveillance looking for indications...

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    What to do about Big Brother?

    Edward Snowden is still holed up in Russia. Bradley Manning has just dodged a charge of "aiding the enemy." And in America, the debate over secret programs that track phone calls, scan emails, and col...

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