Author Sébastien Jodoin discusses the political and legal context of his new book, 'Forest Preservation in a Changing Climate: REDD+ and Indigenous and Community Rights in Indonesia and Tanzania'...

The Dodd-Frank Act’s worthy objectives were to improve the safety, resilience, efficiency, and transparency of our financial system. Yet it has drastically diminished the credit available to low-income...

Michael G. Kort explores the idea that becoming involved in the Vietnam War was in the United States' best interest.

Jay Winter on remembering the Great War,100 years on.

For the 150th anniversary of Marie Curie's birth Tony Hey author of The Computing Universe, 2015 looks at the life and legacy of the first computer programmer Ada Lovelace.

Athena Coustenis and Thérèse Encrenaz authors of Life beyond Earth: The Search for Habitable Worlds in the Universe discuss the difficulties faced by Marie Curie in gaining recognition for her scientific contributions. In honour of her memory they hope to inspire more women in STEM and promote Mme Curie as a model of inspiration.

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