Happy Birthday, fifteeneightyfour


Our humble academic blog turns a year old today, and to celebrate, we’ve organized a little game. Join us in a fifteeneightyfour scavenger hunt and you could win Cambridge swag, books of your choice, and eternal glory.

Here’s how it works: we’ll start with a question, which you can find the answer to in one of our most popular posts from the last year. Once you’ve found the answer, leave your response in the comments section on that post’s page.

So if the question is “Who wrote The Phenomenology of Spirit?”, you’d check our posts, do a little searching, and find the answer in “On Appreciating Hegel” by Ludwig Siep. Then you’d leave a comment on the page with the answer: “Hegel”.

It’s that simple—you’ll be entered into our prize drawing. But if you’d like to keep playing (and increase your chances of winning a prize!), you can check the comments section for your next clue from us. Once you find the answer in another post, leave your response in the comments section.

There will be six questions in total—if you’re curious, driven to win, or just a font of knowledge, answer them all, and we’ll send you a Cambridge book of your choice of up to $40.

Here’s the first question…

“In Greek and astronomical mythology, Orion the Hunter is pursued across the sky by which summer constellation?” 

Happy hunting, and happy 1st birthday to fifteeneightyfour!

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