Back to Work – Baby News and Blues!


It was a momentous turning point in our life, the birth of our daughter Mahika. December 2nd 2009. It was a date to remember forever. And so, of course, it was a time for resolutions. Some were vague, if heartfelt: I’ll take good care of you; I will keep you safe; I’ll never scream at you. Some were more personal: I will exercise regularly and eat a much healthier diet; I will be organized – starting with the first day back at my job.

But, as they say, easier said than done! A few weeks after bringing home my baby, I was suddenly confused and didn’t understand why my best-laid plans were about as solid as a newborn’s poop. Happiness and awe were common feelings, but other emotions came into play; unexpected feelings caused by expectations from family and friends, and the responsibility for a new human being. I felt blissful and content one minute, and tearfully overwhelmed the next. Becoming someone’s mother meant that my role in the world had changed – I wasn’t just the same old me trying to be a new, improved version. I was a mother, really and truly and forever.

Now that it’s been three months and my little one and I have settled into our new world, I am happy to be back at the Press. Being a new mom has changed a lot of things, but getting back in the groove of “all things publicity” and life at work has been a pleasant and welcome return. Apart from an endless routine of nappy changing and feeding when I go home, I love drifting off to sleep only to dream about Google alerts, cover jacket blow-ups, and author signings. This tells me one thing: I really did miss my life and wonderful co-workers at the Press for my four months away, and I am absolutely thrilled to be back!


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