New Season, Good Stuff


Happy New Year, everyone. Now back to work!

Playtime is over, kids. Or maybe it’s just beginning. The roster of authors this year will bring us a lot of great articles. I thought I’d give a sneak preview of some highlights. My apologies to anyone I’ve missed; there’s a lot on the way.

Richard Bronk is a rare combination of classicist and economist. In the midst of an economic meltdown, The Romantic Economist shows how our narrow systems can be expanded to better deal with uncertainty.

Pearl Buck biographer Peter Conn will bring insight into the The American 1930s with his new literary history.

Kevin Dettmar has assembled a stellar team of music writers, rock and roll historians, and literary critics in his Cambridge Companion to Bob Dylan. Some of these folks will contribute their insights here.

Look for anthropologist Pita Kelekna’s sweeping history of humans and horses, based on her years of multi-disciplinary research. It is titled, oddly enough, The Horse in Human History.

…and the more I look at the catalogue, I see that there are many books on the horizon that will prove fascinating, and I don’t have time to mention them right now. I’ll do my best to announce them as the time comes.

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