Elizabeth Heath, the author of Wine, Sugar, and the Making of Modern France, sheds light on the way Guadeloupean workers in the sugarmills and citizens of Aude reliant on the region's wine changed the nature of French citizenship and colonization.

In this, the first of three posts, T. W. Körner, author of Calculus for the Ambitious (2014) sheds light on the life of Joseph Fourier - a mathematician and physicist who got caught-up in the French Revolution, and managed to help found modern Egyptology.

As a functioning member of American society, you have surely been inundated with talks of government and elections in the last few months. So in honor of this political occasion, we sat down with Professor & Cambridge University Press author Marc Landy and got answers to all your Political Science questions, particularly regarding academia and his acclaimed textbook, American Government, co-written with Professor Sidney M. Milkis.

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