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  • 20 Sep 2017
    Pierre Asselin

    Watching Ken Burns’ The Vietnam War: A Historians’ View

    Burns’ new documentary series has much merit. Most commendable from my perspective as a historian of the Vietnamese communist experience is the inclusion of references to Le Duan and allusions to his role in precipitating the onset of war with the United States in 1965. Le Duan is a little-known figure in the United States. When […]

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  • 2 Apr 2008
    James A. Winn

    War Poet Wednesday

    James Winn shows us that language, too, is broken down during war. The words employed by soldiers are quick, acronym-heavy, and devoid of flowery, unnecessary syllables, but in some cases, language is “eroded” by those off the battlefield. Winn is the author of The Poetry of War; you’ll see him soon in The Wall Street […]

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