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  • 23 Sep 2019
    Sean Grass

    The Commodification of Identity in Victorian Narrative

    Scholars of the Victorian period have often written of it as a golden age of autobiography, notable for the remarkable proliferation of life writing at and after mid-century. In 1850 Leigh Hunt published his Autobiography, and Robert Southey’s Recollections appeared that same year in his posthumous Life and Correspondence. Thereafter, many other eminent Victorians—Charles Darwin, […]

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  • 10 Sep 2019
    Richard Nemesvari

    Thomas Hardy and the Creative Process

    Thomas Hardy fully understood, from early on in his career, that the production of a novel, or short story, took place both in the realm of artistic creation and in the literary marketplace.  He eventually became very proficient at manipulating the requirements of Victorian publishing’s modes of production for his own purposes.  In particular the […]

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