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  • 6 Dec 2017
    Roger Luckhurst

    Let the Companion to Dracula In

    In this blog post Roger Luckhurst, editor of The Cambridge Companion to 'Dracula', explores the various adaptations and critical reception of Bram Stoker's famous Gothic novel 'Dracula'

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  • 28 Oct 2015
    vampire teeth

    Dead persons in Hungary who suck the blood of the living

    In this excerpt, Augustin Calmet, author of The Phantom World (2012), recalls the chilling story of blood-sucking vampires in 18th Century Hungary.

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  • 27 Oct 2014
    vampire teeth
    Gail Turley Houston

    From Dickens to Dracula

    The vampire and its gothic roots have been part of our Halloween celebrations for centuries. But where do those associations come from, and how have they been rewritten today? Gail Turley Houston, the author of From Dickens to Dracula delves in.

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  • 22 Oct 2014
    Rachel E.

    A Little Spooky Reading

    Celebrate Halloween this year with a good book. Whether you're just a fan of a ghostly film or read, or a complete paranormal sceptic - take a look at our range of books in the Paranormal, ghosts, demons, magic, vampires, witchcraft and wizardry, and Parapsychology. There are no tricks here, just treats!

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