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  • 24 Mar 2021
    Garrett Stewart

    Platform, Page, Medium: From Medieval “Bookes” to E-books

    The author photo below shows me at the entrance to a gallery exhibit built up of approximately 10,000 discarded books, reflected in infinite multiples by mirrors on floor, sides, and ceiling, constructed by renowned Slovak artist Matej Krén for the Bratislava City Gallery in 2004. It is still on view there: a summation of conceptual […]

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  • 7 May 2020
    Jennifer Cooke

    Gender and the Virus

    A friend in her early forties has the onset of her IVF treatment cancelled because of Covid-19. She is devastated. Another is in lockdown with a partner many of us know is overly controlling and who we suspect of abuse. A woman who cleans houses locally tells me she lost all her clients the day […]

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