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  • 7 Jul 2020
    Charles Forsdick, Tim Youngs

    Extending the confines of travel

    In common with many other people, the months of near-lockdown find us reflecting on our previous experiences and work. As scholars working on literatures of mobility, this means thinking in particular about our own and others’ travels, how journeys are written about, and how academics study them. We share the irony noted in recent articles […]

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  • 2 Jun 2020
    Timothy H. Dixon, Robert Stern

    Pandemics and International Travel

    …all these pandemics share a common factor, namely the role of international travel in spreading the contagion. The Justinian Plague (541-546 CE, with intermittent recurrences until about 750 CE) probably killed more people as a percentage of global population than any other pandemic. The Black Death, which peaked in 1347-1351 CE, and the incorrectly named […]

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