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  • 22 May 2009
    Richard Bronk

    Richard Bronk in a Nutshell

    Romantic Economist Richard Bronk is the featured contributor on brainy blog Rorotoko, writing about the limitations of economics, and ways to work through them.

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  • 3 Mar 2009

    Richard Bronk on BBC Forum

    The Romantic Economist Richard Bronk chats with James Lovelock and choreographer Shobana Jeyasingh, on BBC’s The Forum. Bronk even provides the weekly 60 second idea to change the world. Bronk’s advice? take heed of the traditional Greek dictum ‘moderation in all things, nothing in excess’. These words were carved on the temple of Apollo in […]

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  • 20 Feb 2009

    Richard Bronk an important reminder

    Guardian economics editor Larry Elliot appreciates Richard Bronk’s point of view, that of putting imagination back into economics. It’s a call that’s been heard before, but was obviously forgotten. ‘There have been many economists down the years who have expressed scepticism about reducing their discipline to a mechanistic subject. Malthus told Ricardo to be wary […]

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  • 5 Feb 2009

    The Romantic Economist on Squawk Box

    Oxymoron? Hardly. According to Richard Bronk, the Romantic Economist diversifies, remains responsive to change, and doesn’t assume thing will go on as they have in the past. And yes, he realizes that if you try to buy a car with Deutschmarks, they won’t accept your currency.

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