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  • 11 Jun 2020
    Sandra Spanier

    Reading Hemingway’s Mail

    The fifth volume of The Letters of Ernest Hemingway spans January 1932 through May 1934. With the critical and commercial success of his 1929 novel A Farewell to Arms, Hemingway had achieved international renown and entered his prime. During this period he completed and published Death in the Afternoon (1932), his nonfiction treatise on bullfighting […]

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  • 12 Feb 2018
    Sandra Spanier

    The Letters of Ernest Hemingway, 1929-1931

    In this conversation between Linda Bree of Cambridge University Press and The Letters of Ernest Hemingway, 1929-1931 editor Sandra Spanier, the two discuss the fourth volume of the series, including letters on the censorship of A Farewell to Arms, how the author coped with his rise to fame, and more.

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  • 31 Dec 2013

    Hemingway’s New Year Resolutions

    With Volume 2 ending in 1925, what would've been Hemingway's New Year's resolutions?

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  • 24 Dec 2013

    Hemingway’s holiday wish list

    If Hemingway had a wish list for Christmas.

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  • 26 Nov 2013

    Advice from Hemingway

    The 242 letters in Volume 2 can show Hemingway’s brash, uncouth, unedited self, but they also reveal his thoughtful, generous side, one more than willing to send support and advice. Here we collect pieces of his wisdom sent to his friends, family, and fellow writers.

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  • 12 Nov 2013

    The Legendary American Expatriates in Paris

    Volume 2 of The Letters of Ernest Hemingway illuminate Hemingway’s literary apprenticeship in the legendary milieu of expatriate Paris in the 1920s. See who was among his pen pals in the exclusive excerpts below.

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  • 29 Oct 2013
    Christine K.

    Hemingway on Screen

    If you have been reading The Letters of Ernest Hemingway, Volume 2, you know that the author has led a life that was far from boring. Between that and his larger than life persona, it is no wonder that a fictionalized Hemingway has popped up in several television shows and movies. Below is a list of five of our favorite moments of Hemingway on screen.

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  • 22 Oct 2013
    Frances B.

    “It will make some very fine stories some day”

    Hemingway immortalized Pamplona's Fiesta of San Fermín in The Sun Also Rises (1926), but he never would have gone to Spain had it not been for a fortuitous tip from his mentor Gertrude Stein. In Volume 2, we witness the beginning of his lifelong passion for the bullfight.

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