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  • 13 Feb 2012

    Valentines from Ernest Hemingway

    What would it be like to get a love letter from one of America’s greatest writers?

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  • 3 Feb 2012

    Yours, Ernie

    Contrary to his measured yet precise writing style in his classic works, Ernest Hemingway was a lively and effervescent correspondent in his letters to his family and friends.

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  • 30 Jan 2012

    Hemingway’s Letters: From Childhood to Paris

    For those who missed The JFK Library’s December panel discussion of The Letters of Ernest Hemingway: Volume I, 1907-1922 featuring editor Sandra Spanier, Weekend Edition Saturday host Scott Simon, novelist Ward Just, and a reading by actor Corey Stoll (who played Hemingway in Woody Allen’s recent Midnight in Paris)

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  • 5 Jan 2012
    Melissanne S.

    On the Road for The Letters of Ernest Hemingway, Part Three: Back to Where It All Began

    Dateline: Oak Park, Nov 3   Back to where it all began, for Ernest. The Ernest Hemingway Museum in Oak Park, hosted by the Ernest Hemingway Friends of Oak Park, was a great way to end Sandy’s tour.

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  • 29 Dec 2011
    Robert Trogdon

    Learning from Papa: Editor Robert Trogdon on Collecting Hemingway’s Letters

    Working on The Letters of Ernest Hemingway for the past several years has been and continues to be a truly wonderful experience. Since my graduate school days I have loved working with primary documents—manuscripts, letters, etc.—that contain a writer’s initial conceptions of a work or his unmediated thoughts.

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  • 19 Dec 2011

    Holidays with Hemingway: 1917-1921

    Hallmark cards were just getting started when Ernest Hemingway was writing his earliest letters, but Hem sent his own versions of holiday greetings. A look through The Letters of Ernest Hemingway, Volume 1 shows that Ernest always sent out a few special missives during the season.

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  • 14 Dec 2011

    The Young Hemingway Gift Guide

    What to get the Hemingway fan for the holidays? The obvious choices might be a good fishing pole, or a few bottles of Ballantine Ale. But why not take some suggestions from Hemingway himself?

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  • 6 Dec 2011
    Melissanne S.

    On the Road for The Letters of Ernest Hemingway, Part Two: California

    Dateline: The Bay Area, November 1 Book Passage in Corte Madera lives up to their own tagline, “The Bay Area’s liveliest bookstore!”. Events Coordinator Johanna Rupp hosted a lovely event that resulted in a conversation among patrons and Sandy as opposed to the more-typical volley of Q&A between audience members and an author.

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