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  • 25 Apr 2017
    Judy Quinn, Carolyne Larrington, Brittany Schorn

    Celebrating National Poetry Month: ‘Now comes the shadow-dark dragon flying’ – Eddic Poetry and the Power of Legend

    Vǫluspá (The Seeress’s Prophecy) cycles through the memories and prognostications of an unnamed female prophetess who has witnessed the whole history of a legendary world, and culminates in a baleful account of ragna rök  – Wagner’s Götterdämmerung, ‘the downfall of the gods’. It was then, she foretold, that the sun and moon would vanish from […]

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  • 28 Feb 2014
    Nicholas Vazsonyi

    Wagner on Ice

    Nicholas Vazsonyi, the editor of The Cambridge Wagner Encyclopedia, explores the way Disney's Frozen hearkens back to the great operas of Wagner—with personal and universal themes, intensity, and a great soundtrack. Long live Wagner! Warning: contains spoilers.

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