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  • 9 Apr 2020
    Marcus Collins

    ‘It Was Fifty Years Ago Today’: The Anniversary of The Beatles’ Break-Up

    It was fifty years ago, on 10 April 1970, that Paul McCartney announced the break-up of the Beatles. That the end of the Beatles came so soon after the end of the 1960s helped to cement the association between the decade and band. An optimistic perspective on the relationship between the 1960s and the Beatles […]

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  • 6 Feb 2020

    Long Live Beatlemania

    The following text is excerpted from chapter 8 of The Beatles in Context (ed. by Kenneth Womack), ‘Beatlemania,’ by Melissa Davis. Beatlemania: biːt (ə) lˈmeɪnɪə/ From Gr (noun) mania (ma’-ni-a)mānēə meaning madness or frenzy. Extreme enthusiasm for the Beatles pop group, as manifested in the frenzied behaviour of their fans in the 1960s. Synonyms: madness, […]

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  • 3 Mar 2010

    Beatles-Mania in Pennsylvania

    In the half-century since their founding, the lives and lyrics of The Beatles have won the hearts of an international fandom spanning generations... and captured the interest of two Penn State professors. Catch a clip of Cambridge Companion to the Beatles Editor Ken Womack and Contributor Jerry Zolten being interviewed on WPSU and check out an excerpt of the book.

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  • 28 Aug 2008

    Beatlemania in Israel

    I had never heard about this incident before. The Beatles were booked for a 1965 concert in Israel, but organizers were denied permission to pay them (in foreign currency), canceling the show because “The Beatles have an insufficient artistic level and cannot add to the spiritual and cultural life of the youth in Israel.” The […]

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