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  • 27 Dec 2019
    Colin Rose

    Violence, past and present

    In my recent Cambridge University Press book, A Renaissance of Violence, I document a frightening rise in civil violence in the Italian city of Bologna in the seventeenth century. I show how what began as a spike of homicides in the rural countryside in the 1630s moved into the province’s urban core by the 1650s […]

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  • 16 Dec 2019
    Lauren Working

    Cannibals: When England Became Imperial

    Why put a Native American object on the cover of a book about Jacobean politics? The image that appears on the cover of The Making of an Imperial Polity is a headdress from Guiana (now Guyana), a region of Greater Amazonia that the English sought to explore and colonize from the second half of the […]

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  • 4 Oct 2019
    Linda Levy Peck

    Money, Marriage, and Murder in Early Modern England

    I decided to write Women of Fortune when I discovered that Grace Bennet, widow of a rich mortgage and loan banker and mother of the Countess of Salisbury, had been murdered by the local butcher in 1694.  Called by a contemporary “the most sordid person who ever lived,” Grace was, however, not only a victim […]

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