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  • 12 Jun 2018
    David McKitterick

    The Invention of Rare Books

    David McKitterick examines, for the first time, the development of the idea of rare books, and why they matter.

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  • 3 Jul 2013
    Caroline M.

    An Inside Look at the Cambridge Library Collection

    In our latest installment of the Cambridge Book Club, Caroline M., the publisher of the Cambridge Library Collection, talks about the excitement of working with rare books from centuries past and how these phenomenal titles are being revitalized in the digital age.

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  • 7 Aug 2009

    Print-on-demand brings library collection off the stacks

    Two preliminary essays to On the Origin of Species. Family reminiscences of Jane Austen gathered by her nephew. The correspondence between Richard Wagner and Franz Liszt. Charles Dickens, as a journalist, reporting from America. The Cambridge Library Collection is an exciting new collaboration between the library of the University of Cambridge and Cambridge University Press, the world’s oldest publisher.

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