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  • 10 Sep 2013
    Christine K.

    The Roaring Twenties: A Playlist

    We will soon know what Ernest Hemingway was writing from 1923-1925. But what was he listening to? We may never know for sure, but we'd like to bet that some of these popular tunes for the Roaring Twenties had his toe-tapping.

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  • 7 Aug 2013

    A Playlist You Won’t Protest

    Dissent is such an intrinsic part of American culture. Our whole society is built around the idea of improving our values to better represent and protect our people. Books, speeches, articles, and essays have long represented dissenting opinions, but perhaps the most widely recognized and distributed form of dissent is music.

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  • 30 Jul 2013
    Andrew Martin

    Our Friend Electric

    A new Cambridge Introduction to Music charts the evolution and rise of Electronic Music - and so we have put together a Spotify playlist of some of the key tracks.

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  • 3 May 2013

    Soundtrack to the Roaring 20s

    Fitzgerald Fever is in full swing at the Cambridge office, and every good party needs a playlist! We present our Gatsby-inspired playlist in honor of the Roaring Twenties.

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  • 10 Apr 2013

    Alien Life Imagined: The Musical

    When “Across the Universe” was transmitted into deep space in 2008, NASA hoped the song’s journey across the universe would bring contact with other beings. The famous Beatles’ tune may have been the first one sent to the aliens, but it’s not the only piece of music influenced by them: musicians from Beethoven to Ella Fitzgerald to Radiohead have all produced acoustic renderings of extraterrestrials.

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