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  • 7 Jul 2008

    Mars, Venus, Wine & Beer

    Sam Calagione founded one of my favorite breweries, and Elizabeth Downer’s Pittsburgh Post Gazette review of his new book, coauthored by wine guru Marnie Old glosses on a couple of important factoids before skipping to generalities, and recommending a bunch of wines. Folks say that the book — He Said Beer, She Said Wine —  […]

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  • 9 Apr 2008

    Marci Hamilton in Today’s Post-Gazette

    Marci has been very busy lately. After her Washington Post chat yesterday, she is now appearing in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Expect to hear more from her as she works towards justice for victims of sexual abuse, advocating the elimination of statutes of limitations and allowing victims to make their cases when they are ready. A […]

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