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  • 26 Aug 2021
    Jácome (Jay) Armas

    Conversations on Quantum Gravity

    ‘Conversations on quantum gravity’ is physicist Jay Armas’ new book on the ongoing search for a theory of everything. In the book, Armas talks to 37 researchers – including five Nobel laureates and two Fields medalists - who share the current debates, the impact of their own discoveries and those of others, and their motivations to pursue the biggest questions about the world around us.

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  • 29 Apr 2021
    Kirill Krasnov

    What is Gravity?

    Kirill Krasnov author of “Formulations of General Relativity” asks the question ‘What is Gravity?’

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  • 29 Apr 2021
    Michael Townsen Hicks, Roger Davies, Rafael Alves Batista, David Sloan

    Fine-Tuning in the Physical Universe

    We only have one universe. On the face of it, the existence of life, complexity, and structure in our universe seems to be lucky or to call out for explanation. When we look more closely, the physical causes of these important phenomena appear to be balanced on a knife-edge. Fine-Tuning in the Physical Universe formulates these questions and explores the answers in the context of many sub-disciplines of physics.

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  • 5 Mar 2021
    C. R. Leedham-Green

    Did an apple really fall on Newton’s head?

    The original post can be found at www.principia.blog Everyone knows that The Principia was based on the inspiration that struck Newton when the apple struck his head, as you can see from the cartoon above. The thought that passed through his head was as follows: “Clearly the earth attracts the apple in the same way that it attracts […]

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  • 16 Feb 2021
    David Merritt

    Evaluating An Alternative Cosmology

    David Merritt, author of PROSE Award winning book "A Philosophical Approach to MOND: Assessing the Milgromian Research Program in Cosmology” discusses the competing theories of MOND and LCDM ‘Suppose that the dark-matter detection experiments continue to fail. How can we hope to ever decide between the two competing theories?’

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  • 23 Dec 2020
    Simon Friederich

    Are We Living in a Multiverse? Why We Might – and Why We Might Never Know

    Simon Friederich, author of Multiverse Theories: A Philosophical Perspective discusses the “multiverse” idea. What the idea entails and whether it can truly be tested.

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  • 21 Oct 2020
    Electronic Structure Basic Theory and Practical Methods. Second Edition
    Richard M. Martin

    Why do we need a second edition? An Author’s Explanation

    Why would anyone write a new edition of a book that is still selling after many years? The explanations of the basic theory in the first edition are still valid, and the methods are still the ones that are most widely used. However I still felt an update was required. Richard M. Martin, author ofElectronic Structure Basic Theory and Practical Methods. Second Edition gives his personal reasons for updating the original edition (2004)

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  • 10 Jun 2020
    Christian Wüthrich, Keizo Matsubara, Nick Huggett

    Beyond Spacetime

    One of the greatest challenges in fundamental physics is to reconcile quantum mechanics and general relativity in a full theory of "quantum gravity”. It is a challenge that has by turns excited and frustrated physicists, for nearly a century.

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