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  • 4 Apr 2017
    Carlos Castillo

    Participatory mining of data streams: beyond crisis mapping

    Emergency situations force us to take critical decisions in a very short time. Often, the first place people turn to for information is social media. A combination of human and machine intelligence can help make sense of the immense amount of data that comes from these widely varied perspectives and posts.

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  • 14 Jun 2016
    Waller Newell

    Reflections on the Tragedy in Orlando from an Expert in Tyranny

    A few things seem clear from Sunday’s shocking massacre in Orlando carried out by Omar Mateen, a self-professed follower of the Islamic State. The shooter was apparently a self-recruiter responding to ISIS’s many calls to carry out such attacks, which emphasizes how the threat of Jihadist terrorism may now be outpacing even the most sophisticated […]

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  • 8 Mar 2015

    International Women’s Day

    Orlando: Women’s Writing in the British Isles from the Beginnings to the Present is to be free again in March, to celebrate Women’s History Month. This is great news. If you are not yet a subscriber, this is your opportunity.

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