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  • 9 Aug 2023
    Swati Jha, Priya Madhuvrata

    Gynaecology for the Obstetrician: a must read for every Obstetrician

    The origins of women’s health before the establishment of Obstetrics and Gynaecology as a specialty was predominantly by women who were unqualified midwives, often without any medical training and steeped in folklore. One example of primitive treatments offered being venesection for symptoms of the menopause. As medicine evolved physicians became more involved in the process […]

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  • 4 Nov 2021
    Olutoyin A. Olutoye

    Anesthesia for Maternal-Fetal Surgery: Clinical Concepts and Practice

    Have you ever wondered how some babies develop congenital anomalies? Or more so, how some of these anomalies are repaired during pregnancy? How does that happen- particularly with the pregnancy continuing after surgery, until the baby is delivered near term? The congenital anomalies that can occur as the baby develops within the womb are limitless. […]

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