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  • 23 May 2022
    Tobi Zausner

    The Creative Trance: Altered States of Consciousness and the Creative Process

    Inherent in in all of us, are many possibilities, and among those possibilities are multiple states of consciousness.

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  • 2 Aug 2021
    Neville M. Jadeja

    How to Read an EEG

    “Do epileptologists just make things up?” remarked one of my trainees after seeing me read an EEG, obviously completely exasperated looking at a screen full of squiggly lines! EEGs are indeed daunting to look at, but easy to read once you understand the “the method to my madness”. At least, that’s what I would like […]

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  • 27 Nov 2020
    Christopher L.-H. Huang

    Nerve and Muscle: the final common pathway to action

    “The roads that lead man to knowledge are as wondrous as that knowledge itself.” ― Arthur Koestler (1959). The Sleepwalkers: A History of Man’s Changing Vision of the Universe. London: Hutchinson. In biology, the initiation and execution of movement form the substrate of all action fundamental particularly to animal life. The recently published Cambridge University Press title […]

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  • 21 Aug 2017
    Merim Bilalić

    Cambridge Author Predicts Mayweather vs McGregor Using Neuroscience

    Merim Bilalić author of The Neuroscience of Expertise analyses the up and coming richest boxing match in history and predicts the outcome using neuroscience theory.

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  • 17 Apr 2017
    Scott D. Slotnick

    The Consolidation Debate

    The hippocampus binds information between different cortical regions during long-term memory. However, long-term memories may only depend on the hippocampus for a limited time. In the standard model of memory consolidation, a long-term memory representation changes from being based on hippocampal-cortical interactions to being based on cortical-cortical interactions, which takes a period of somewhere between […]

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  • 10 Apr 2017
    Scott D. Slotnick

    Alzheimer’s Disease and Long-Term Memory

    Scott D. Slotnick author of Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory discusses the link between Alzheimer's and long term memory.

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  • 20 Mar 2017
    Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory
    Scott D. Slotnick

    Is the Hippocampus Associated with Implicit Memory?

    Scott D. Slotnick author of Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory asks the question Is the Hippocampus Associated with Implicit Memory?

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  • 4 Jan 2017
    Cambridge Fundamentals of Neuroscience in Psychology
    Richard Haier

    IQ and Neuroscience

    Are you saying intelligence test scores are the most important thing about a person? No. No person can be reduced meaningfully to a test score. I am saying that, like it or not, the differences among people in their general ability to solve problems and learn complex material are important aspects of life success. Intelligence […]

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