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  • 8 Dec 2021
    Map of Iraq
    Matthew Nanes

    Personalized security drives Iraq’s political deadlock

    Deadlock following Iraq’s October 10th, 2021 elections shows that control over the security forces remains the country’s most important political issue. The parliamentary block led by Shia politician and militia leader Muqtada al-Sadr won a clear plurality of seats. However, a bloc of Iran-backed parties refuses to allow them to form a government. At the […]

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  • 2 Jul 2019
    Rosemary Kellison

    Why Does Counting Civilian Casualties Matter?

    In May, the U.S. Department of Defense released a report—its most thorough yet—purporting to account for all the civilian casualties of U.S. military activities in 2018: 120 deaths and 65 injuries in Iraq and Syria, Afghanistan, and Somalia. The report also acknowledged the deaths of 793 civilians in Iraq and Syria as a result of […]

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  • 10 Nov 2017
    Jay Winter

    Commemorating catastrophe

    One hundred years after the United States’ entry into the 1914–18 world war, what aspects of this vast global conflict, and of America’s role in it, are worthy of commemoration? First and foremost, we remember the ten million men all over the world who lost their lives in the war. Indeed, remembering this “Lost Generation” is […]

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  • 11 Nov 2009

    Veteran’s Day 2009

    Today is Veteran’s Day, and so I give you my favorite piece from today’s papers: “…Oil from the engine covered the windscreen of his Hurricane so he climbed away, slowed the aircraft down to almost stalling speed, loosened his harness, stood on his seat and leant out of the cockpit in an attempt to clean […]

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