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  • 13 Oct 2020
    Corinna Hawkes

    To solve problems we must connect systems

    It’s been hard to make sense of COVID-19. At least, I have found it hard. So many deaths. So many changes to everyday life. So much political strangeness. So much uncertainty about the future. This blog post was originally posted on “The Better Food Journey” and is cross-posted with permission. The blog builds on the […]

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  • 25 May 2017
    Sandy Hershcovis

    Social Death at Work

    Originally posted on Sandyhershcovis.org Lately I’ve become interested in workplace ostracism as a form of workplace aggression. Most research lumps ostracism with other forms of mistreatment (incivility, bullying, etc.), but a recent chapter by Sandra Robinson and Kira Schabram (in press), has convinced me that it is in fact quite different, and possibly much more painful […]

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