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  • 30 Jan 2020
    Matthew Wright, Morris Levy

    Moneyball for the Huddled Masses

    In a thought-provoking piece in Politico Magazine , Professor Justin Gest proposes a “Moneyball Fix” for America’s immigration system.  Taking a page out of sports analytics, he suggests that the federal government analyze immigration data it could consolidate or collect to determine which pre-admission characteristics predict prospective immigrants’ “success as Americans.” Success would be defined […]

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  • 24 May 2013
    Dean Anthony Gratton

    Let’s Keep it Simple: Introducing the ICE Model

    I have worked within the wireless communications R&D industry for close to 20 years now and, in my experience, one consistent ingredient that has often escaped the recipe of so many consumer electronic products is simplicity.  This facet alone should be instilled, force-fed and, to be honest, beaten into innovators, developers, manufacturers or whomever decides […]

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