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  • 16 Jun 2010
    Bruce Bradley

    Celebrating Bloomsday and Irish Culture Worldwide

    Happy Bloomsday 2010! For the uninitiated, Bloomsday is a celebration of James Joyce’s magnum opus Ulysses, a novel in which the events all take place over the course of one day: June 16th. From Dublin to New York, Genoa to Brazil, Bloomsday is commemorated as the world over pays tribute through performances of Ulysses, visits to prominent places in the novel (if you’re lucky enough to be in Dublin!), and performances of Irish music. There’s even a Twitter adaptation of Ulysses, and a "Which Ulysses Character Are You?" Quiz. Bloomsday is also a celebration of James Joyce's own life and literary achievements - a reflection of how heavily the book was informed by Joyce's personal experience. In Saturday’s Irish Times, Dictionary of Irish Biography contributor Bridget Hourican charts a who’s who of characters from Dublin’s most famous novel – full analysis can be found here. But what about James Joyce? Who was he and where does the saga of Ulysses fit in his life story?

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