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  • 2 Apr 2021
    Shane Weller

    Good Europeans?

    What are the most distinctive achievements of European civilization? According to the Bulgarian-born thinker Tzvetan Todorov, they are rationality, justice, democracy, individual freedom, secularism, and tolerance. To this list, one might add science, the glories of European art, literature, and music, humanism, and a rich and varied philosophical tradition. To focus solely on those achievements […]

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  • 12 Sep 2019

    Transcendence for an Age of Immanence: Re-Reading Romanticism and its Religious Thought

    The fundamental concern of Romanticism, which brought about its inception, determined its development, and set its end, was the need to create a new language for religion. One of the main motivations behind writing this study is to illustrate that early German Romanticism, the first of the Romantic movements, was more than a response to […]

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