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  • 11 Mar 2019
    Jonathan Newman

    Grasslands and Climate Change

    Ecologists have fully embraced the study of climate change and grassland ecologists have often led the way in these studies, thanks to the tractability of doing ecological research in such environments, publishing nearly 1000 studies in that time. My colleague, David Gibson, and I decided it was time to take stock of what we have learned, at least for grasslands! This is the first review to focus solely on climate change.

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  • 4 Dec 2015
    Polluting Photo: Agustin Ruiz via Creative Commons.
    Frank Incropera

    Climate Change and Paris 2015 − Pessimism or Cautious Optimism?

    Frank Incropera, author of Climate Change: A Wicked Problem (2015), explores the role of the 2015 Conference of Parties at Paris.

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  • 22 Jun 2015
    Valentin Bellassen

    Three Keys to Effective GHG Emissions Monitoring in a Broader Climate Agreement

    Valentin Bellassen, author of Accounting for Carbon: Monitoring, Reporting and Verifying Emissions in the Climate Economy (2015), explores the requirements for the MRV of countries’ emissions and considers how this can be successfully extended to cover emerging and developing countries.

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