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  • 14 Jul 2023
    Matthew Titolo

    Privatization and Its Discontents

    Infrastructure and privatization are enduring topics in modern political discourse. Privatization and Its Discontents: Infrastructure, Law, and American History places these contemporary hot topics in perspective, identifying today’s debates as deeper problems within liberal statecraft that are of long historical vintage. In the American context, infrastructure has been created through models of public-private governance, and […]

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  • 7 Jan 2021
    Elizabeth Fisher, Sidney A. Shapiro

    Covid 19 and Competent Government

    The importance of competent government is perhaps the most important of the many painful lessons that are being learned during the pandemic. The significant variation in death rates across the globe illustrates there are many examples of governments responding well, less well, and disastrously. As the pandemic is ongoing and geography varies, care needs to […]

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  • 13 Jan 2020
    Peter Newell

    Global Green Politics

    We need new thinking and new politics if the world is to get out of the mess we are currently in. A new book Global Green Politics provides a tour de force of the contribution of Green politics to building a fairer and more sustainable future. Environmental issues are now firmly on the global political […]

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  • 20 Oct 2017
    Philip Seib

    Terrorism Is Evolving, Not Being Defeated

    Philip Seib, author of As Terrorism Evolves, explains how extremism has altered since the war on terror began.

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