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  • 29 Apr 2021
    Michael Townsen Hicks, Roger Davies, Rafael Alves Batista, David Sloan

    Fine-Tuning in the Physical Universe

    We only have one universe. On the face of it, the existence of life, complexity, and structure in our universe seems to be lucky or to call out for explanation. When we look more closely, the physical causes of these important phenomena appear to be balanced on a knife-edge. Fine-Tuning in the Physical Universe formulates these questions and explores the answers in the context of many sub-disciplines of physics.

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  • 4 Oct 2016
    Lewis and Barnes
    Geraint Lewis, Luke Barnes

    Into the Intro: A Fortunate Universe

    An Introduction from Senior Commissioning Editor, Vince Higgs Fine-tuning in physics and cosmology explores the realisation that if the Universe had even slightly different initial properties, then the world, and life as we know it, would probably never have come into being. This new book by Geraint Lewis and Luke Barnes examines how different fine-tuning […]

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