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  • 2 Apr 2021
    Shane Weller

    Good Europeans?

    What are the most distinctive achievements of European civilization? According to the Bulgarian-born thinker Tzvetan Todorov, they are rationality, justice, democracy, individual freedom, secularism, and tolerance. To this list, one might add science, the glories of European art, literature, and music, humanism, and a rich and varied philosophical tradition. To focus solely on those achievements […]

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  • 15 Jun 2020
    Nicola Dimitri

    COVID-19, the Crisis and the Necessity for European Cooperation

    The coronavirus pandemic, even as it induces great anxiety and fear over people’s health, is at the same time causing disruption to our societies’ economies on a scale that is perhaps unprecedented. In Italy, at least in the period after World War II, no comparable crisis has been experienced before. For anything like the same […]

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  • 13 Aug 2014

    Europe, 1914: A Puzzle

    Before the conflict of World War I and the 1919 Treaty of Versailles, Europe was a very different place. Can you solve the puzzle below to assemble a map of Europe in 1914? Look out for the German Empire and Austria-Hungary, and good luck finding Poland!

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  • 14 Mar 2014
    A pile of Euro bank notes
    Tobias Straumann

    Europe’s History and the Future of the Euro

    The chaos and the distress caused by the euro is in flux. As faith in the European currency is restored, Tobias Straumann sheds light on the problems and instabilities that riddle the eurozone. His book, Fixed Ideas of Money, is now available in paperback.

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