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  • 7 Sep 2023
    Limor Yehuda

    Enhancing International Human Rights Law’s Role in Promoting Peace

    Human rights law particularly the right to equality and non-discrimination, seem to come in tension with the use of democratic power-sharing, a pivotal tool for achieving peace in regions plagued by ethnonational conflicts. However this prevailing interpretation of human rights law is unhelpful and unnecessary, and a more comprehensive approach is needed to support the […]

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  • 8 Mar 2017
    Lorna Finlayson

    International Women’s Day: A long way lost

    To celebrate International Women's Day from the 6th - 10th March 2017 we will be sharing brand new blog content from our authors which explore the themes of 'IWD 2017' and continue the discussion on feminism and women today and through the ages. In this blog post Lorna Finlayson, author of An Introduction to Feminism, asks whether progress has been made towards achieving gender equality.

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  • 24 Mar 2005
    Women campaigning for equality in Japan

    Vera Mackie on Feminism in Modern Japan

    Vera Mackie, author of Feminism in Modern Japan (2003), talks to us about socialist women in early 20th century Japan, the success of modern Japanese women activists, and her reasons for wanting to write about it.

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