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  • 23 Apr 2009

    Future Imperfect in Reason

    I Choosing Our Own Future, from the May issue of Reason, Gregory Benford reviews Future Imperfect, glossing on David Friedman's views on surveillance, reproduction, and other biotech issues.

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  • 22 Jan 2009
    The White House

    Losing the President’s Filter?

    In a Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel interview, author David Friedman discussed Obama’s tech-savvy. ‘Still, an Internet-friendly president could also mean one who is more exposed to different points of view by taking in information and opinions that aren’t filtered by his inner circle of advisers or the mainstream media, according to David D. Friedman, author of “Future […]

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  • 11 Nov 2008

    David Friedman in Slate

    Future Imperfect author David Friedman recently spoke at the Cato Institute in DC. Slate’s William Saletan attended, and he seemed to have enjoyed himself. Anyone who’s watched Friedman lecture will see how entertaining and engaging he can be. Check back soon — I’ll post the audio from Cato once they’ve compiled it. The Future as […]

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  • 27 Oct 2008

    David Friedman on Marketplace of Ideas

    Future Imperfect author David Friedman was recently interviewed on KCSB Santa Barbara’s The Marketplace of Ideas. Have a listen! Lew McCreary, writing for Harvard Business review, recently commented on Future Imperfect. ‘We want the world to be orderly, but too often it is simply a mess. Friedman, a law professor, gleefully sorts out a host […]

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  • 29 Sep 2008

    David Friedman in the SF Chronicle

    A San Francisco Chronicle reporter recently met with Future Imperfect author David Friedman, to speak about the book. The interview appears in today’s Chronicle. Aside from discussing the usual doomsday scenarios, they enter a larger debate about the role of government in private life. Technology as lens to ponder imperfect future ‘In a century-old former […]

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  • 25 Sep 2008

    Oww! Technologies that Hurt Us

    Future Imperfect author David Friedman talks to Forbes about potentially painful technologies. Future Imperfect is full of ’em. But it’s not about how to stop it, it’s about how to manage. ‘Even the most wonderful technology has unintended consequences. And for many technologies, no consequence can be more unintended than this: pain.’ And let’s not […]

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  • 5 Sep 2008

    David Friedman on Authors@Google

    Salman Rushdie. Noam Chomsky. That guy from “Stuff White People Like.” And now Future Imperfect author David Friedman has journeyed to Mountain View, California to appear on Authors@Google. It’s a great talk! Watch after the jump.

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  • 2 Sep 2008
    Gov. Sarah Palin. Photo: Roger H Goun
    David D. Friedman

    Criticisms of Palin; Praises of Obama

    Author David D. Friedman isn't impressed with a lot of what gets slung around. He's also someone, thankfully, with a nuanced look at both candidates. For him, both the critics of Palin and the adoration of Obama need to be deflated.

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