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  • 28 Nov 2013

    Dr Peter Forster on archaeogenetic breakthroughs

    In this exclusive interview with Dr Peter Forster, contributor to The Cambridge World Prehistory, he talks to us about the world of molecular genetics, and his own breakthrough moment in his research.

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  • 27 May 2010

    Unearthing the Archaeology of Measurement

    By Laura Evans, Marketing and Publicity Once upon a time, I was an archaeologist. That’s right, I, Laura Evans, once dug up the pre-eruption layers of ancient Pompeii, sifted through soil and muck in coastal Connecticut, and removed cow patties from a site in the Alps where once a Roman legion camped. For someone who loves the outdoors, archaeology is a great career. But in actuality, most archaeologists spend the majority of their time measuring, analyzing, researching, and looking for funds.

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