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  • 2 Mar 2023
    Edith Podhovnik

    Cats and Us – A Curious Relationship

    You do not necessarily have to follow online cats on social media to read the book, but if you do, you might have come across one or the other cat-inspired linguistic process before or have perhaps found a meowlogism not mentioned in the book. Yet, regardless of your online habits, a curiousity for all things […]

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  • 1 Nov 2013
    Bennett R.

    A Feline Affair

    The Domestic Cat 3rd edition tells an interesting story of the history of our complicated relationship with one of the only animals we have managed to breed domestically. And we're keeping up the Halloween theme: while not the Halloween-y-est of titles, the long history of the domestic cat does involve a chapter on the culture of witches and demons.

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