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  • 24 Sep 2021
    John A. Hall, John L. Campbell

    Capitalism: What We Can Learn from Economists of the Past

    Our book, What Capitalism Needs, spells out what capitalism needs, drawing on the ideas of great but unduly neglected economists of the past including Friedrich List, Joseph Schumpeter, Maynard Keynes and Albert Hirschman—but with most attention being paid to Adam Smith and Karl Polanyi.

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  • 24 Apr 2019
    Ignacio Sánchez-Cuenca

    The Remote Causes of Terrorism

    Ignacio Sánchez-Cuenca, author of 'The Historical Roots of Political Violence', on the causes of 20th century revolutionary terrorism.

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  • 16 Jul 2009
    Anne Ream

    Dylan and the Market: He understood it all along

    By the time Dylan inked his 2004 deal with Victoria’s Secret (he appeared in a second Victoria’s Secret Super Bowl TV spot in 2006) his embrace of the ad world seemed complete. But it wasn’t, quite.

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  • 22 Jun 2009
    Anne Ream

    Bob Dylan, Capitalism and the Religious Right

    One likes to believe that Bob Dylan was being ironic, not prophetic. But as is the case with most things Dylan, one is never sure. If, as the writer Tom Piazza has asserted, Dylan is an exemplary American artist because he embodies contradiction, then Dylan’s appearance in a Victoria’s Secret ad was surely one of the singer’s most American moments.

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