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  • 21 Jul 2020
    Janina Grabs

    The stories behind your cup of coffee – are standards selling sustainability short?

    For many academics, the workday begins with a cup of coffee. Next time you fill up the machine – possibly still bleary-eyed – take a closer look at the coffee package: can you see a sustainability label such as Rainforest Alliance’s frog or Fairtrade’s little figurine? Have you ever wondered what stands behind those sustainability […]

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  • 9 Mar 2020
    Alex Edmans

    The Business Case for Purposeful Business

    Capitalism is in crisis. The consensus among politicians, citizens, and even executives themselves is that business just isn’t working for ordinary people. It serves to enrich the elites – fat-cat CEOs and hedge fund investors – by exploiting workers, price-gouging customers and polluting the environment. Citizens, and the politicians that represent them, are fighting back. […]

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  • 13 Apr 2017
    Christopher Wright, Daniel Nyberg

    Putting Out Fire With Gasoline!

    Christopher Wright and Daniel Nyberg, authors of Climate Change, Capitalism and Corporations: Processes of Creative Self-Destruction, explore how climate change now represents an existential crisis.

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  • 8 May 2015
    Photograph of the heading of Corporate Social Entrepreneurship by Christine A Hemingway
    Christine A. Hemingway

    Everyone Thinks That They’re A ‘Responsible’ Person. Where Do You Stand?

    Author Christine Hemingway explores the topic of responsibility, and introduces us to the Corporate Social Entrepreneur.

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  • 6 Oct 2014

    An Interview with Gael McDonald

    Gael McDonald, the author of Business Ethics: A Contemporary Approach, discusses the issues raised in her textbook, as well as the plethora of accompanying resources that have been developed to support students and teachers alike.

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