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  • 8 Sep 2021
    Christopher Raymond

    Invitation to Book Launch Webinar – Changing Senses of Place: Navigating Global Challenges

    You are cordially invited to the book launch where you will hear from the editors of Changing Senses of Place: Navigating Global Challenges who will address the vital question of how to navigate the contested forces of stability and change in a world shaped by multiple interconnected global challenges.

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  • 30 Jul 2021
    Christopher Raymond

    Rapid changes in earth’s vital signs draws attention to the importance of changing senses of place

    Unprecedented surges in climate-related disasters coupled with rapid biodiversity loss, technological transformations and contestation associated with mobility and migration and post-national territorial claims are forcing all humans to question our security in the world.

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  • 13 May 2021
    Melissa Bateson

    Measuring Behaviour: The Next Generation

    The first three editions of Measuring Behaviour were co-authored by Patrick Bateson, known as Pat to his family and friends, and his former graduate student Paul Martin. I had a very special relationship with Pat. Not only was he my father, but I have followed him into the same academic discipline, becoming the second Professor […]

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  • 27 Nov 2020
    Christopher L.-H. Huang

    Nerve and Muscle: the final common pathway to action

    “The roads that lead man to knowledge are as wondrous as that knowledge itself.” ― Arthur Koestler (1959). The Sleepwalkers: A History of Man’s Changing Vision of the Universe. London: Hutchinson. In biology, the initiation and execution of movement form the substrate of all action fundamental particularly to animal life. The recently published Cambridge University Press title […]

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  • 22 Feb 2019
    Allison B. Kaufman, Meredith J. Bashaw

    Scientific Foundations of Zoos and Aquariums

    In The Scientific Foundation of Zoos and Aquariums: Their Role in Conservation and Research, our goal was to showcase some of the best zoo- and aquarium-based research going on around the world. We tell stories of dolphins and penguins – we love dolphins and penguins as much as you do – but it’s the animals whose stories don’t always see the light of day who best illustrate groundbreaking efforts to save species.

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  • 15 Jun 2017
    Maarten Derksen

    How to be Irresistible

    Originally posted on Tact Technology In commercials for AXE deodorant, popular with adolescent boys, its qualities are always advertised in roughly the same way: by showing that a man – however unattractive – becomes irresistible to women when he smells of AXE. This modern variation on the love potion illustrates the kind of fantasy of control […]

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