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  • 8 Jan 2022
    Nick Wilkinson

    Managerial Economics: A Q&A with Nick Wilkinson

    Professor Nick Wilkinson, the author of Managerial Economics, took some time to answer our questions about inspiration, the digital revolution, and the rewards of teaching. The second edition of your textbook Managerial Economics is publishing later this month, what originally inspired you to write on this subject and how has that developed with this new […]

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  • 13 May 2020
    Adam Oliver

    Behavioural Science and the UK’s Initial Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

    In the early stages of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s strategy to tackle the coronavirus pandemic, much was made of, and much criticism was directed at, the advisory input from behavioural scientists. However, less notice was taken of the fact that some of the advice offered by behavioural scientists (or seemingly, just one behavioural scientist – […]

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  • 15 Feb 2019
    Professor Ng Yew Kwang

    Markets and Morals: Justifying Kidney Sales and Legalizing Prostitution

    Should prostitution, or the buying and selling of sexual services, be legalized? Similarly for the monetary exchanges of many other controversial items like kidneys and other organs, blood, surrogate motherhood, line sitting/standing, etc. Should essential goods like water be priced at their full social costs of supply? Should more monetary fines be used in place […]

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