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  • 31 Aug 2015
    Ran Zwigenberg

    After the Atom Bomb

    Hiroshima (Nagasaki) and the politics of commemoration In 1962 a young Jewish American psychiatrist by the name of Robert Lifton visited the Hiroshima Peace Museum. Lifton described his visit to the museum in a letter to his friend David Riesman as follows: “I had seen many such pictures before … but somehow seeing these pictures in Hiroshima was entirely different […]

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  • 4 Aug 2015
    Wilson D. Miscamble

    70 Years Since Hiroshima

    This week will mark the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The American bombings effectively ended the Second World War, killed over 100,000 people, and raised complicated questions about nuclear weapons and the limits of war. In an excerpt from his book The Most Controversial Decision, Wilson D. Miscamble explores the complicated legacy of those events.

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