Christine A. Hemingway

Fifteen Eighty Four


Author: Christine A. Hemingway

Christine A. Hemingway PhD is a Research Fellow at the Imperial College Business School, London, UK. Her research is geared around the potential for integrating the social, natural and economic environments, focusing on the personal motivations and values that can drive the sustainability agenda within organizations. She is keenly interested in the development of responsible leadership and responsible organizational cultures. Christine is the author of Corporate Social Entrepreneurship: Integrity Within. Before joining Imperial College, Christine was a lecturer at the Aston and Hull University Business Schools in the UK. She has also been a visiting lecturer at the University of Sheffield's Management School (UK) and has taught executives in Hong Kong, Singapore and South Africa. Prior to her academic career, Christine was responsible for the strategic marketing of some big consumer brands, owned by various blue-chip multi-national corporations.

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