Armen Ovanessoff

Fifteen Eighty Four


Author: Armen Ovanessoff

Armen has spent the past 20+ years researching, writing and speaking about global trends in economics, business, technology and society. Most recently, he has published on the advent of intelligent and immersive technologies, the future of learning, public-private partnerships and trends in globalisation. A major emphasis of his work has been to persuade businesses and governments to prioritise acting responsibly and ethically. Armen’s opinions and research insights regularly feature in tier-1 economics and business journals and publications, and he is a frequent speaker and moderator at events. He currently has a formal role facilitating the B20 Task Force on Employment & Education, representing the voice of business to the G20 governments; he has held this role for the 2022, 2021, 2020 and 2018 G20 Presidencies. Formally based in London, Armen established Accenture’s think tank in India which he ran from New Delhi for three years; he also helped build the firm’s think tank in China and currently lives between the UK and Latin America, having set up and run the regional think tank from São Paulo, Brazil, for five years.

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