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Arguments Against the Abolishment of Statutes of Limitations for Childhood Sex Abusers

They are not very convincing, actually. Marci Hamilton takes a scathing look at how ridiculous some of them sound, especially to the victims of childhood sexual abuse. As the second half of Justice Denied:...

Marci A. Hamilton | 26 Mar 2008

War Poet Wednesday

War poets bring an impossible beauty and entirely new perspective to the most awful of subjects. On Wednesdays, we’ll receive a new perspective on these writers. Yesterday’s New York Times...

James A. Winn | 26 Mar 2008

Nick Smith reflects on his media appearances

Ever wondered what it’s like to be interviewed on the radio or television? It’s been a busy couple of weeks for Nick Smith, author of I Was Wrong: the Meanings of Apologies. Here are some of...

Nick Smith | 24 Mar 2008

Spy-Tech Mondays

It’s that time again. Kristie Macrakis, author of Seduced by Secrets, unveils some more Stasi spy gadgetry. The Stasi had a way about them. They loved their toys. As Macrakis argues, this obsession...

Kristie Macrakis | 24 Mar 2008

Beer vs. Wine Fridays

Charles Bamforth is back with more on beer and wine from his perspective as a brewing scientist in the middle of wine country. Check him out every Friday right here. Want to know more about Bamforth’s...

Charles Bamforth | 21 Mar 2008

Crawford, PA Cannot Charge Known Sex Offender

Marci Hamilton is a top expert in US church-state relations. She is also involved in another passionate fight — the abolishing of Statues of Limitations for victims of childhood sexual abuse —...

Marci A. Hamilton | 19 Mar 2008

James Winn Speaks about War Poets

Check out video of James Winn’s book launch here. Discuss. Read More ?

19 Mar 2008

Human Rights, Trade, and the 2008 Presidential Elections

President Bush is not the only president, or even the first one, to favor trade expansion over human rights protection. Susan Aaronson, expert in the intersection of trade and human rights, seeks to flesh...

19 Mar 2008

After Bush: Iraq, Foreign Policy, and the Candidates

The New York Times’ recent article on McCain’s visit to Iraq highlights a sticking-point for the presidential candidates’ campaigns – the war factor. But will anything really change? Our own Sadhika...

19 Mar 2008

Parsing Spitzer’s Apology

Nick Smith is professor of Philosophy at the University of New Hampshire with a particular interest in how apologies work. He’s also a former trial lawyer for a major New York law firm. What does...

Nick Smith | 17 Mar 2008

Spy-Tech Mondays

Kristie Macrakis, author of Seduced by Secrets brings us some of the gadgets of the Stasi’s hidden spy-world, one photo at a time. There are a lot of cool images surrounding the hidden world of espionage,...

Kristie Macrakis | 17 Mar 2008

Beer vs. Wine Fridays

Grape vs. Grain author Charles Bamforth weighs in on Fridays with his ideas about the relationship between beer and wine, as well as some little-known facts. I was recently in a restaurant with a bunch...

Charles Bamforth | 14 Mar 2008